I Don't Know About Tomorrow

It has been a long time since my last entry, and once again I apologise to you faithful ones who come here time after time. My ISP has been a pain, allowing me to connect at speeds of 2400bps. I know people who's handwriting is faster than that.
I've been playing basketball at Marine Parade Community Center regularly. The old familiar faces are no more to be found. Most of them have moved to more obscure neighbourhoods, some married, others in the Army. The new faces that replace them hold not the same attraction of nostalgia and camaraderie.
I was called "Uncle" by a few of these new faces as I was leaving the court, and it occurred to me that I was no longer the teenager I once was. It's a surreal feeling, to know that I'm now exactly where those "uncles" once were.
My sister (the older of the two) just returned from Taiwan with a bunch of glamour photos. I look at these photos with a certain fear. The initial reaction was probably fear that the vanity in today's generation would make its imprint on her. But I know that she is no longer the baby I used to carry in my arms. I wondered in my heart what my dad felt when he saw the photos.
It is a passing of the times, as generation after generation pounds upon the shores like the flow and ebb of a tide. The old hymn goes "But I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand".
Lord, help me be a better follower of You. Ever so often I fall right after promising to stand. But just had you loved Peter, I know that you love me. Forgive me for those many many times. I can promise you nothing, for my faithfulness has proven to be as steadfast as the wind. Help me. Help me now.

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