Military, Symphonic and Wedding

I know that I've been silent for a long time, and I apologise to the many of you who have come faithfully to my homepage awaiting some semblance of life. Life here at home has been peaceful, and passes with tranquility as I spend my days with Faith.
It has been the most wondrous time of doing nothing. In fact, Faith and I have only took pains to go further than the Parkway Parade (a Mall that's within walking distance) once since I've been home. We've lazed around reading books, talking to each other, basically enjoying each other's company. I often grasp her hand (sometimes even while driving, though I wouldn't recommend it for safety reasons) and tell her how much I missed the feel of her hand in mine, and how much more I'll miss it when I go back to Arizona after this break.
She bought me a ring two days ago. It's a simple ring but I do love it so. I wear it proudly on the ring finger of my right hand. I bought her a ring three years back, and it took her all of three years to figure out I didn't mind having a ring on my finger as well. 😛 That's women's intuition for you.
We attended the wedding of two mutual church friends today. I felt a coming of age as these two friends were our age. I guess it feels like the wave has finally come upon our shores, the shore of my generation. I've always felt "married" to Faith. Ever since I had a crush on her when I was nine, I was virtually "married". My love has changed and matured a lot since then, but it feels just as warm, as comforting as the first day.
I was talking to Faith a moment ago about maybe registering ourselves at the Registry sometime soon. The registry of marriages, not vehicles (don't have money to get a car). There are times when I speak to her on the phone wishing I could spend all of my life with her. The only reason that has been stopping us is the cashflow problem, and also the fact that I am not holding any income-earning job at the moment. We will have to pray about it and see how God wants it to be I guess.
Some people who have read these journals have expressed a certain repulsion to my "thankfulness" shown in my writings. To those people, I have had my share of blessings and I will admit to you that there are many lives less fortunate than mine. But I also have had my share of burdens and sorrows. Like Valjean "I am a man no better than any other man". I just choose not to burden you with writings of angst and depression or anger, and bid you look to the sky with me. It is still beautiful, be it grey or blue. And then look to your side, I am there sky gazing with thee.

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