Coming Back To Home Away From Home

It has been the longest time since I've written. I spent all of my summer vacation back home in Singapore. I had problems updating on a constant basis because the computer was less equipped than this one.
Coming back to Arizona was an "interesting" experience. It ached so much to leave Faith again, having now tasted the wonderful sweetness life with her brought me, as compared to life without. I had contemplated not coming back, or doing my degree at a local university, but she encouraged me to see it through. I do love her so.
The skies in Arizona are still blue and cloudless, though only in the morning. It is the monsoon season and thunderstorms are the soup of the day. I've never seen lightning in such magnitude. It truly was a sight to behold. It feels so familiar coming back, it's almost as if I never left (until I found myself forgetting the names of the eating places).
Tomorrow is the start of another semester and I look forward to the new things I will learn. My textbooks (thought EXTREMELY expensive) are a joy to look at and browse through, and I hope that the interest will sustain the heavy reading as well.
What can I say? I miss Faith. I miss holding her hand, putting her hand to my face. I miss seeing her every morning. But by God's grace He will see me through.

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