My English teacher asked me the other day, "Are you doing well?" and I immediately assumed that he meant how I was coping with schoolwork. He then clarified "No, are you doing well, as in everything?" I guess Singapore has placed so much emphasis on schoolwork and work that our own welfare seems to take a backseat. Someone commented on a Singapore forum once how we always end up talking about work whenever a conversation is going. There is little else to the person besides the work he or she does? I wouldn't want to believe that. There is so much to a person, and sometimes I feel Singapore should build up people of character, rather than heading for economic success with all brute strength.
One thing I noticed about my average school day is the number of accents I have to cope with this semester. My Math teacher is French, my "Eroticism and Love in the Middle Ages" professor is German, my "Languages and Cultures of East Asia" professors are Japanese and Chinese (there are two of them). The other two are American. It takes a little while to get tuned in, and after that I don't even seem to notice the accent at all.
The guys at my dorm party almost every night, coming back drunk. There's so much more to college life, but I guess this is part of the experience as they see it. I hope none of them gets trapped in the endless cycle of alcoholism or even embark on a shallow self-existence.

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