It's Off To Work We Go

It was the first day of school in quite a long time. There was a sense of excitement and anticipation, and maybe even fear. A poem was read to us, setting the tone for the entire course. I enjoy poetry, but live in glorious ignorance of its technical complexities. I look forward to reading wonderful poems and sharing life experiences.
My other module "Languages and Cultures in East Asia" had a large proportion of Asian-looking people, who most probably like me signed up hoping to have a headstart in the course. I do not profess expertise on the subject, coming from Southeast Asia, a whole different ballgame. The languages that will be covered most intensively are Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
Living with a roommate certainly is a different experience. I assumed army life would have prepared me for it, sharing a small enclosed space with a dozen other strangers. The one factor I didn't consider was that none of that dozen were of a different culture. Ryan has been great thus far, considering the roommates I've seen Zahid live with. There are still differences of course, coming from a totally different environment and upbringing. I still find the music too loud, but that's the fun in listening to music of an adolescent genre. You get to blast it. One funny cultural difference was made known to me tonight. I had forgotten to bring my nail-clipper from back home and asked Ryan if I could borrow one. It appeared that I had asked for something rather personal and sanitary. I've encountered people who don't share utensils and am sensitive enough to understand the sharing of toiletries. It had hardly occurred to me that a nail-clipper would incite such a torrid response. He did hand it over, but also mentioned something about putting alcohol later to sterilise it. *Laughs* I don't think I'll use it. Have to remind myself to get one tomorrow before I start looking like one of those Thai dancers.
The music is still on, but I know Ryan is sensible enough to put on his headphones when I lay my head to sleep. I have much to thank God for. Thank You.

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