Planted by Living Waters

I'm sorry I haven't been as regular as I was last semester. I am in the process of putting my journal writing back into my daily schedule. I'm also trying to move my archives into a geocities site, so that I can leave the current material here on this limited Cyberway one. If you didn't understand what any of those meant….it's alright. We geeks won't hold it against you humans.
I've had to do my first group project for my math class. It was a new experience, having to work with Americans. The group dynamics are slightly different from working with people from home. But we worked things out, and I've to do a presentation tomorrow.
The freshmen at the dorms (my roommate included) have been partying every night since the start of school. I managed to go to my first one last night. Zahid's friend Paul had a party at his sister's place, so I decided to take a look at what actually goes on. The movies weren't kidding – they really have a LOT of people at these parties. There were at least a good two to three hundred relatively well-dressed people standing around drinking. There would have been no logistical difference had they done it on a field. The music was barely audible. They were doing just that – standing and talking – for hours on end. I'm not the social sort, choosing to stand by the sidelines and watch the world pass me by. After half and hour we headed back to the dorm.
Along the way there and back, we had people in cars screaming at us randomly as they drove past. I had to have Paul interpret what they were saying. I did make out one driver's rantings myself – "Striked out???……" Seems that driver wasn't particularly friendly. So what if we're not the "IN" group? I have much better things than stand around with a whole bunch of people I don't know and drinking. I find that a rather futile and meaningless activity. Maybe I'm too old for this.
My digital camera finally arrived. I went around campus in the morning taking photos. If any of you would like to see them, do email me. They're rather large to be put on this page. I'm still trying to find the setting that allows me a reasonably good picture in a small compact file size.
I miss all of you back home. Sometimes it seems I'm standing in front of a huge tunnel, which I know will not end soon. But I know too that God has brought me here, and I am thankful. I am thankful for everything. Do pray for me, that I do not forsake Him, for it is so easy to make oneself the center of existence. Pray also for the others who have left or are leaving – Alvin in Milwaukee, Joel in Indiana, Cheryl and Mark, Florence who will be leaving soon to the UK. Life is not easy and it is easy to get swept away. May we be like Olive trees planted by the side of the water.

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