Ronald McDonald Finds His Shoes

I read my new guestbook entries today. It seems my mother's giving me a run-down of what my course on "Eroticism and Love in the Middle Ages" should be. Don't worry mother, it's more about the culture and history of that period, revealed through the literature of that time. They're not forcing their liberal views on us.
Ronald's entry is one of the most inspiring things I've had in a long time. Dear Ronald, I'm not about to tell you "I TOLD YOU SO" or that I knew it all along. Rather, your little testimony strengthens me in a time when I am weak. God has provided through you, and I am really thankful. I guess there comes points in our life where we find out for ourselves who God really is and what it is He does. We can't go on living our life based on other people's faith or testimonies. We have to earn our own. Then we can remind ourselves in our time of need that we have seen Him with our own eyes.
I had a little argument on the basketball court today. I checked out basketball #100 from the counter under my own name. There were a bunch of guys who took the ball and when I asked them for it, they said it was theirs. After some clarification amongst themselves, they realised that they had ball #78. They then said, "We'll trade you for it. You find ball #78 and we'll exchange." I don't know what came over me, but I found myself highly defensive. "It's your ball you lost, why should I look for it? My ball's right here!" I got really agitated. One of my teammates found #78 and returned it to them and the situation was resolved.
Looking back at it, I'm not sure if there was a language miscommunication. It could have been that they just wanted to borrow my ball while theirs came along. Well, I can't seem to rationalise their unreasonable act away. However, I should have kept my cool. I played better after that…but that's not any reason. 🙂

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