The Winds of Change

Faith had a horrible day at work, her worst she said. I feel so helpless for not being there for her. Much as I would like to wrap my arms around her to make her feel better….I can't. Her work at school seems to get harder and more stressful by the day. I guess children are something we know so little about. I just pray that God grants her enough strength and love to tide through. After all, He IS a better giver than I.
I bought a bunch of tickets for Broadway musicals that will make their way here this coming academic year. I look forward to going to them and yet somehow in my mind's eye, I am holding Faith's hand at Centennial Hall. I really wish.
Sorry for today's lack of optimism and light. The loneliness has started creeping in, and I miss what I had but a week ago. The simple pleasures of a wonderful friend seem so distant. My former hallmates Emmitt, Justin, Nic and gang have all moved to another dorm, leaving me with a whole bunch of new people to get acquainted with. I am not one who loves change. I am one who would rather sit at the same chair, eat the same thing, have the same view whenever I can help it. I don't know if it's sheer laziness, but I don't like being taken out of my comfort zone. Hopefully I'll find some light at the end of this tunnel. Fast.

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