Appetite for Social Problems

I was offered dog food by my professor today. It wasn't any racist attack or anything, don't you worry. I'm taking this subject entitled "Understand Social Issues In America". The topic today was poverty. It was found in a study in Ohio that poor people have dog food as a daily meal. The whole lecture hall was handed little bits of dog food. It smelt horrible, a little better than the dried worm cubes we feed to fish. The professor was trying to illustrate how using theories to understand social problems had its inadequacies, that merely talking or theorizing about a problem doesn't mean we understand it any better. Some people like John Dewey were proponents of service-learning, where being down in the trenches makes one understand and appreciate the problem better. When Professor Grant asked what we thought of poverty now, one girl raised her hand and said, "There's no way I'm going to eat this stuff!" I guess it's much easier to talk about social problems than it is to face them head on. No one ate the dog food. No one but me. Munch munch….glad some guy offered me a piece of gum later on. Don't want to be smelling of dog breath.

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