Friends In Need, In Need Of Friends

I received news that Stephanie was admitted into a hospital for an emergency operation through a friend of hers who posted a message on my guestbook. The most recent news I have right now is that she is home resting, and I am glad that God has seen her through this. She is a most dear friend, even though we've never met. I had emailed her to ask about life at the University of Arizona before I actually made my decision to come here. Her love for Tucson and the U of A has really rubbed off on me and I feel a sense of belonging to the school, a sense of loyalty. I begin to appreciate what I have.
I did a little bit of studying with Lauren today. She's a freshmen who happens to take the same class as me in "Eroticism and Love in the Middle Ages" (I had to convince a few more than imaginative people that we did not use the Karma Sutra as text). She was a great joy to talk to, having also come from a Christian background. Her story of adapting to this new place reminds me of my own first days. Though I've spent a whole semester here already, I still feel rather new to this experience.
Did a little cooking of my own today. Had a huge steak which I shared with Zahid. I have to remember to cut it up into smaller pieces the next time I cook it. While a huge steak is visually appealing to the appetite, it is hard to cook. While edible, my stomach strains to digest the rather overcooked meat.
There's little to say tonight. I feel relieved that Stef is fine now. Thank God. *HUGS* Stef, if you're reading this.

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