I'll Be Bach!! Hasta La Vista Bebe!

The air is cold outside. It's a great contrast from the daytime where temperatures reach a searing 104 degrees! Never knew what the heck that meant until I ran a conversion program (written with my newly acquired programming skills) to convert it to Celsius. It apparently reaches to the forties here sometimes. It's a different heat from that of Singapore. You don't get sticky and sweaty, but you do fry.
I had a pretty productive weekend. I wrote two papers on Saturday and did my MIS programs (two of them). Writing programs is something that's slowly coming back to me. I occasionally (ok more like frequently) hit a brick wall and tell myself to give up. But it intrigues me to a point where I sit down and rethink the logic processes. I actually start thinking like a computer. It's a weird high. It's a metamorphosis or sorts.
My class schedule is such that I have my MIS classes after "Eroticism and Love in the Middle Ages". This shift from a abstract, intuitive mindset to a logical mechanical one is quite a jolt. Especially if you have to transverse from one to the other in the space of half an hour. I can feel my mind becoming more adaptive though, and I hope that it'll learn to merge the two halves soon. It would be interesting to see my thought processes in that new mode.
I apologise if I speak of myself as a specimen. It's just something I do on a subconscious level. It's interesting to see how one adapts, changes, bends to pressure. It also helps keep me in check that I'm not tossed around by the forces around me. One thing I have to constantly bear in mind is that I am bought with a price. I owe everything to God. Do pray for me for it is so easy to forget all these things. It is so easy to forget His ownership over me and take control of my own life. I only ask that I learn to be submissive. Till that final day.

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