In His Eyes

I sit in front of my computer and listen to the music from the musical Jekyll and Hyde. I hear the song "In His Eyes" where two women pine for the love of Dr. Jekyll. I feel my loneliness rise up inside me. I sit here in the darkness, feeling their pain, their longing, their need for love. A certain melancholy falls upon me. It's a sweet melancholy and I hope to find that place where I am alone but not lonely.
Arizona had its first football game (American football) of the new season. Everyone was decked in red screaming ARIZONA! There were rumour that 10 000 Ohio State fans would be in town tonight to cheer the opposition on. Car horns blasted at anyone who had the guys to put up a OSU (Ohio State University) flag proudly atop the car roof. It was as if Tucson came alive. It wasn't just the students, but the citizens of this town that rallied together. It was truly a sight to behold.
We lost the game though. We led at the half but just couldn't finish it off. Oh well.
I had lunch with Debbie today. She leaves for Indiana tomorrow morning. This semester has been difficult, not being able to send her a message via ICQ whenever I felt bored, or go to Circle K with her to grab some groceries. Zahid is usually not to be found, and I find myself alone a lot of the time. Ryan has his own group of friends and partying is a recently acquired hobby of his (and every other college freshman).
I can't find anyone who loves musicals, or sees beyond the facade of being a social butterfly. Not yet at least. So while "In His Eyes" is a duet, I sing it alone tonight. Goodnight you all.

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