In Virtual Paris

I spoke to my sister over the Internet today and it seems that my mother is terribly worried about how I'm doing. I assume it's the melancholy mood of my recent journals that have caused this. Do not worry, dear mother, for God watches over me. Though it indeed seems harder than last semester, partially because of Debbie's departure and many other factors I can't really place my finger on, I am thankful for the opportunity I have to study at Arizona. Tucson is indeed a most beautiful place. It does take a while for its beauty to set in, and I know that I will miss it much when it comes time for me to leave.
Dearest Pattie and Sarah, my two most wonderful unseen friends, I have heard little from both of you and I just want to tell you that your presence in my life is sorely missed. I hope that both of you are doing fine. Due to the new WIldcat Online homepage, I am unable to engage in intellectual discourse with Pattie. I do hope the discussion section of the homepage comes up soon. I miss Sarah's most beautiful youth. Her little anecdotes that offer so much wisdom for one so young. The joy almost overflowing in her is contagious. I thank you both, fellow sojourners for the comfort you've given me over the past semester.
I played basketball just now. I look for old familiar faces and find only a few. When I sit here typing all these, it is almost as if I sit at a cafe watching life move past me. I remember the lines from Sabrina : "I sat at a cafe for four years, no more than that, and wrote nonsense in a journal, but then…it was not nonsense." It is a bittersweet solitude. *Laughs* don't worry mother. It is all part of life. Do pray for me, that I value God's presence more than I do right now. That I may seek Him always.

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