One For All And All For One

I had two English classes today. The normal one on Monday mornings and a movie which we had to watch as a class in the evening. It was such a nice atmosphere. The teacher bought chips, chocolate and drinks for us to eat while watching the movie. It was a time of relaxation and it felt so good. After the movie screening, I walked outside the Modern Languages building (where we watched the video) and looked at the stars. My heart ached so bad it hurt. For that hour or two I felt at home with friends, watching a movie. And now I was looking at the sky alone yet again. In some way the dorm masks these feelings, surrounding you with people you don't know. I am thankful for the short time I had, I really am. But I miss having good friends whom I can call and arrange to have meals with. My movie pals Yusman and Haresh, yes I do miss you both terribly.
Someone was giving out fliers on the mall today (they do that everyday). It was about some reporter who was imprisoned in Peru. The fliers were given out to raise support to set her free. While it is a noble cause, I find the differences in culture startling. If a hundred thousand died in China, it would have been a loss, and we would never have known those hundred thousand names. Here was a single individual, not even from Tucson or the state of Arizona – and there were people here giving out fliers to help save her.
There are times here in the dorms when I open my eyes and see the life I live here. It's not an easy life. Maybe it's my fault because I'm not social enough to create a circle. One thing is sure – I want a better place for my sister to grow up in. I hope her decision to come is a good one and I hope to be able to help her cope with a certain degree of loneliness. I am contemplating buying a car, in the hope that it would give the both of us options during the weekends and holidays. There are many wonderful hiking trails in Tucson where one can enjoy nature. Stephanie often speaks of how wonderful Tucson is, making me feel like I live in a different place. I think I need to open my eyes to the things around me. Or maybe next semester, if my workload isn't so heavy.

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