Pictures of the Mind

After a grueling weekend, I'm glad Monday is here. The papers I put so much time in can finally be seen to its fruition. Oh no, not the grades, but rather the discussions that give me satisfaction. It is wondrous when your fellow classmates share thoughts and views on a paper you put effort in.
A huge thing that happened to me today was that the photos I took of campus got posted up on the University of Arizona homepage. I've never thought of myself as a good photographer in any sense. I just snap what I think looks nice and I admit I've little or no technique. I'm glad the homepage team found them nice and decided to put them up. They can be seen at . If you don't see the photos right away, click on reload or refresh and the photo on that page will change. I have two up this week, and the rest of the photos are still archived for use at a later date.
Much as there are things to be happy about, I'm frustrated that someone punctured my bicycle tire again. It's not a good feeling to have to change tires twice in one week. It costs quite a bit too. Well, I have to look at the bright side and thank God for what I have.
And what I have is tickets to watch the Suns play the Grizzlies in October, and the homecoming football game against Oregon State in November. Stephanie will be coming with me to the football game and we'll show our school spirit in whatever way we can. These are the little things we look forward to that keep us going.
Every morning I wake up at seven, and I look forward to talking to Faith over the Internet. Much as I wish I could actually see, hear, smell and touch her, this is the closest I can get at this point in time. I often see myself standing behind her with my arms around her. I breathe her in as we look outward towards the sea. The sun rises in the background. I feel like going home at times and leaving all this behind, but Faith reminds me that God has given me this chance to be here. I'll have to be Faithful for now.

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