Romancing the Blues

Dearest Sarah, it was a wonderful feeling to see your little message on my guestbook. I'm glad you're still here with me, despite my absence during summer. I guess now you're older and wiser (I hope).
I just came off the phone with Faith and we had a fantastic time talking about absolutely nothing. Laughing, smiling, exchanging sweet phrases of affection. It was almost as if she was right here with me. After Kieron and Debbie's departure, I seem to have lost all avenues to release funny comments. Like I've said before American humour is very different, and in some ways Debbie understood what I was talking about whenever I cracked a joke. So far, the rest of the people look at me like I speak another language when I use self-derogatory humour, or even if I spelt humour as H-U-M-O-U-R. I'm pretty sure there are people who appreciate British humour here in this huge school, I just have to get down to find them.
Jazz and the Blues are playing from my computer and I sit here typing in my thoughts for yet another weekend. Time passes quickly, and I fear not remembering the events of my life, and not using my life wisely.

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