Showers of Blessings

It rained so heavily yesterday. It was an amazing sight when I took a walk to the Student Union building to get some dinner. The road that ran through the campus had become a little river complete with rushing water. People were standing by the sides, some taking off their shoes and folding up the legs of their pants. I plunged right in wearing sandals. We could only hope that it was only water. The cool weather had a nice effect on everyone. It was easy to strike a conversation with anyone on the sidewalk. Some were clad in their jackets, others totally drenched. Almost everyone had a smile. It was almost as if there were a camaraderie amongst us. All fording the river, braving the rain that came so suddenly.
My workload is starting to pile up to the heavens. I have two tests next week and a few papers to do this weekend. On top of that I have had people asking me for help in English and Mathematics. Lauren asked me for help in "Eroticism and Love in the Middle Ages". Ryan needed a little help in Chemistry. I'm not saying this to be proud. I like helping people wherever I can. There was a brief moment I felt so overwhelmed. I had so many things to do, and yet there was a steady stream of people. I was about to complain when I remembered that it is the role of a Christian to die for another. How could I, having seen what Christ has done for me, complain about the little I can do to help another? I'm glad I was reminded of that fact.
Playing basketball today was a minor triumph. Ever since I adopted the "proper" way of shooting the ball, I have been unable to obtain a consistent form of shooting. What's worse, I developed a huge mental block when it came to shooting three-pointers. Today I kept my elbow in and the ball just fell through the net with ease. I attempted the three-pointer trying to undo the mental block for that particular distance. Swish. I felt elated, uttered a prayer to God and went on to miss my next five three-pointers. But now I know it was possible to shoot that distance with relative ease. 🙂 It's something small to be thankful for.

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