I watched Cabaret alone. No one was able to take the other ticket which I had bought for Debbie. It was a time of loneliness, trying to find someone who could watch the musical with me. Zahid was working, Philip (a classmate from "Understand Social Issues In America" had a test), Lauren watched it yesterday. I am beginning to doubt my ability to make friends. I actually went for a walk Wednesday night, hoping to find that other solitary someone, anyone, who would take the ticket. I lay on the Mall (the big patch of grass in the middle of the University) and just looked at the stars. One thing I forgot to put down in my journals…the first day I came back to Tucson, I saw a shooting star streak across the sky. It was a sign of hope.
Cabaret was wonderful. Provocative at times due to the raunchy nature of the show (it IS a cabaret), it was tastefully done and the humour was fast and furious. The deeper themes of love and romance wasn't fully explored, but it still managed to bring a tear to my eye when Sally, a cabaret star, sang about how her dark life seemed to return despite her finding her true love.
The atmosphere before a theatre show is absolutely electrifying. A guy selling programs was shouting in a thick German accent. He was telling people around how the programs were smuggled out of Berlin, where Cabaret is set. He gave me my change and told me not to burn my fingers, the program was HOT. *Laughs* it is these people that add so much colour and life to this wonderful masquerade. People drinking Perrier, dressed in their best. One could be cynical and accuse them all of being poseurs, or simply revel in this getaway world of "high culture". It is a wonderful escape from the mundane everyday world.
One line the Emcee said in Cabaret was "In here life is beautiful. The girls are beautiful. The orchestra is beautiful!" And he was right. The orchestra was nothing like the normal perception of what one would assume an orchestra to be. No fat, semi-balding men blowing the trumpets. The guys were hunky and had no sleeves, showing off their biceps. The women were wearing rather skimpy (it IS a cabaret) clothes and boasted model-like figures. That wasn't what impressed. They played their instruments with such abandon it was hard not to notice their talent. Wow. I've neither looks nor talent. So I'm suitably impressed. The stars sure did shine tonight.

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