I spoke to my mother a while ago on the phone. It was great hearing her voice again. Catching up on things at home makes me feel like I were there sitting on the living room couch, watching every individual member go about their own little business, living in their own little world. My mother loves me a lot. I am most blessed and fortunate to be a son in her love. I only regret not having appreciated her in my childhood.
I was a most horrible child. I never did my homework, deliberately hid my books and lied to teachers all the time. It's a marvel my parents didn't give up on me. Looking back, I don't know what little spark I had to help them endure. Most children have some saving grace of some kind. I can't seem to remember any of mine. I wasn't devious or scheming. I just lived in my own world, talked to myself, daydreamed about universes far far away. I lived in them. I was whoever I wanted myself to be. I used to fear going to school because of the homework I owed. Usually at that stage I had so much homework it was impossible to ever cover up. I didn't do well at all in school. The school system favours those who are well-rounded in all subjects. I did extremely well in subjects I liked, namely English and Science, and did horribly in subjects I didn't (Mathematics and Chinese). This made my overall score very low, and I was largely considered an underachiever.
How I've come to the present stage I'm at seems like a dream. I pray I remember it true and well, for it is indeed a work out of the hands of God. I have so much to be thankful for. My parents who believed and hoped in me. My sisters who are turning out to be the most beautiful girls (ok so they're tied in that position with Faith), and Faith who loves me beyond what I deserve. Lord, I do not deserve any of this. I don't even know where to thank or praise You. My eyes are wet with tears for all that You've done for me. Thank You.

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