Who Am I? 24601!

Another weekend has arrived. It is almost amusing how I always look forward to it on Monday and yet am at a loss as to what to do come Friday. Music is blasting from the rooms down the corridor (it being Friday is not a factor) and people are getting ready to enjoy the night. I, on the other hand, will find a little corner somewhere in this dorm and outside of this room. Maybe watch a video, maybe play a few computer games. It's not exactly exciting, but then again, my life was never described as such.
My class on "Languages and Cultures of East Asia" taught about the Chinese writing system. While I speak Mandarin fluently, I am ashamed to possess a miniscule amount of knowledge when it comes to the written. This is further accentuated when the system being discussed about is the old traditional Chinese, rather than the newer concised version Singapore teaches in its schools. I found myself unable to read a few of the more complicated words. At twenty-three, I regret not being able to be fluent in the language of my people. It is part of who I am and yet I seem to be the product of another time and culture. Times and cultures do change, but I would have liked to have a part of my heritage with me. It is who I am.
Stephanie has stablised and I have had the chance to "speak" with her via the Internet. It was a painful operation she went through and she is still in the process of healing. More than her physical well-being, I pray her spirit survives. It is so easy to be embittered by an experience as unpleasant and painful as this. She was slightly depressed when I spoke to her, but lightened up a little after a while. I remind her often that she is not alone. Even though the Internet Relay Chat is a form of communication that is rather impersonal, it is still a meeting of the minds and beings of real people.
Stephanie, as much as I can through this rather limited medium, I am with you. Remember that you are not alone. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, and we are there by your side. I say we with regard to Faith and myself. Hugs. "All things work for the good of them that love God", so the verse goes. I do not claim to see the light beyond the tunnel, or the rainbow at the end of the rain, but I know that it is there. Hang in there, and bear down Stephanie. I want to share the scenic view with you later on.

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