Why the Computer Crossed the Road

I have never tasted such tasteless lemon chicken in my life. I had a huge bowl of sauce too. I'll remember to try the noodles next time round. I know I should be thankful that I have food. *hushes up*
Finally got my C program to work. I was almost on the verge of panic. I have to hand it in tomorrow and I chose to start work on it on Sunday. Little did I know how little I knew. I've always had my way with computers. Dad has a thing for techie things, not that he's a real techogeek. He just likes to have electronic stuff hanging around the house. I'm glad he got that Fujitsu computer back in the early 80s. It gave me my first taste of programming. It felt good to know that I was doing things many people had no clue about. It was my own small world where I ruled. I gave up programming after a while because the old computer language BASIC was slowly being phased out. I didn't have the determination to pursue new languages like C or C++.
I applied for MIS hoping that somehow I'd find my love for programming again. My first MIS 121 class this semester was scary. The professor came in and asked us to write a program. Hands around me were raised, asking questions like "Why aren't we learning Java? It's a cleaner program!" In my mind I pictured C as a dirty little boy that hadn't had a bath in ages. What on earth does it mean for a program to be cleaner? I had no idea what these people were talking about. Their conversations were way above my head. I began to question my application into the MIS department.
I had a breakthrough today. It was nothing short of the grace of God. My program had a list of error messages longer than the program itself. I gave up on it and rewrote everything. It took me quite a bit of tweaking, but it finally ran. I began to see the logic behind the language and felt the flow of electrons come back to me. I was there again – the world I had left. I was comfortable enough to even decorate my program with some personal touches – a little bit of graphics etc. It felt good to be home. Phew. Thank God.

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