More Than Words

These few days have been glorious. The sunsets look particularly spectacular, lighting up the entire campus with a hue of pink. The red brick of all the buildings create this warm effect when the sun hits them at the right angle.
I apologise for not writing sooner. It has been one of the most hectic weeks ever. The one great feat I live to talk about is how I finished six short papers, one poem and two computer programs in a single day. It is partially the fault of circumstance, and also that of procrastination. Now that it is all over, the weekend was a most wonderful time of relaxation.
It's turned cold outside all of a sudden, and winter seems to approach with haste. The people-scape (if there is such a word) has changed from people wearing t-shirts and shorts to people with jackets, sweaters and knitted stuff.
I'm excited about my sister coming over and all the small details that entail. Where we'll live, what we'll do and the like. I hope she'll find this place as rich as I have.
I have little to say, except that I have a dreadful headache right now. Goodnight to you all, and pleasant dreams.

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