Penny For Your Thoughts

I went to my first NBA game yesterday night. It wasn't as exciting as I had expected it to be. It could be due to the fact that it was a preseason game. But I think it was so because I have tasted something much better: College basketball. At the NBA game I was in two-minds about whom to support. Phoenix Suns vs Vancouver Grizzlies. The Suns were the home team, being from Arizona, even if not Tucson. The Grizzlies had two players formerly University of Arizona heroes who brought the NCAA championship home in 1997. College basketball, or any college sport for that matter is so much more fired up because it is indisputable where you support will lie. The NBA game seemed like a formality where the teams were playing for individual glory, rather than college pride.
It was almost surreal to see these players so near me as they walked from the stadium to their bus after the game. Having seen them so often on television, they were now real flesh and blood in front of my eyes. I had a short conversation with Penny Hardaway. PENNY HARDAWAY! Before that night the closest I got to him depended on how far away from the television screen I sat. I was holding a piece of paper in front of him, talking to him as he signed it. I grabbed some other signatures as well. Corie Blount, Tom Gugliotta, Issac Austin, Damon Jones and Daniel Santiago, the last two rather new to the NBA. It was a weird feeling….I have pictures! 🙂
I am reminded to be happy for what I have. While reminding Stephanie to be thankful for the things she has, I felt sad that Faith was so far away and that I had so few real friends now that Debbie has left. But I must remember that I have so much here as well. Though I am unable to name anything right now, I am thankful that God watches over me, undeserving as I am. Pray for me, all you who read this. Pray that my heart stays alive to Him.
God bless.

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