Food and Fun

Stephanie finally came down to Tucson for Homecoming. It was something we've been planning for such a long time, and in a flash she has come and gone. It is amazing how different Tucson is when you have car at your disposal. We ate at El Correl, no doubt the best prime ribs I've ever tasted for so low a price. Stephanie told me that there were places in Tucson where the night skies were filled with stars. She described it "as if someone had put a glass sheet over you and sprinkled thousands and thousands of diamonds". I hope to see that sometime. The stars are so few and far between back home in Singapore.
Homecoming is a festivity unique to American colleges and universities. The alumni comes back to visit their alma mater, and (hopefully) donates some money. It is nice to see such gratitude, a trait we Singaporeans seemed to have lost along the way to our current economic success. It was amazing to see the alumni marching band take up the instruments and strike up a tune, or the alumni cheerleaders wave their pom-poms. They were elderly and maybe not as attractive as they once were, but where physically beauty has declined, there was a purity of heart that easily compensated. Here they were, twirling their batons, marching in the parade as in days of old.
Eating with some of the alumni at the alumni dinner which Stephanie got us both tickets to, we heard stories that were rather intriguing. The elderly man seated next to us started telling us about how his dad worked in Singapore before second World War. I sat there listening to stories from a man who made the history books come alive. I know in my heart I will always remember Arizona. Even now I make memories to bring around in my pocket.
I am terribly tired from a weekend of wonderful discovery – the prime rib of El Correl, the shopping places that were really good bargains, Baggin's sandwiches, Stone Cold Creamery. Notice that we had a LOT of food. Wonderful, glorious food. I'm off to bed now. Tomorrow is homework day.

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