It's the Thanksgiving weekend and almost everyone in the dorms have gone home to be with their families. The whole campus is almost an eerie silence. Almost – we had a football game against ASU a few hours ago. ASU fans filled almost a third of the huge stadium, maroon and gold pom-poms waving. They won the game. And I did the most dumb thing. After watching our loss on television, I decided to find some dinner. I just put on my jacket and walked downstairs unto the street. Many people waved at me. Cars honked at me and the drivers drove past putting up their thumbs as they saw me. A kid in a car waved a pom-pom at me. A maroon and gold pom-pom.
I realised my stupidity. I wore an orange jacket. As gold clothes are hard to come by orange has been the substitute of choice for our in-state rivals. And here I was walking on the streets wearing the colour of the victor. I half wanted to run back to my room and change. I couldn't help but smile at my unintentional betrayal. How stupid could I get? *chuckles*
I need a hug. I've never thought of myself as dependent on others, but rather a loner. I guess it's these moments I'm proven wrong. Sometimes I look at the sky and I'm amazed at where I am, yet other times it seems like a downhill spiral of loneliness that doesn't look to end anytime soon. I need Jesus in my life. I've been neglecting to read my bible these few days. Do pray for me. That I may remain faithful amidst the work and the hustle and bustle.
Goodnight you all. God watch over you.

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