Heels and Wheels

It has been a while since I've updated my journals, and longer still before all of you will see it. I do not have internet access set up in my new apartment as of yet, and will upload the pages as soon as I do. Thank you all for coming here faithfully and taking an interest in an otherwise mundane life.
My sister and Faith arrived in Tucson a pretty long time ago. It was wonderful seeing them at the airport, speaking the native Singlish again. The taxi driver went on and on about meditation and going on to different dimensions. I suppose it's all that astral plane and lucid dreaming stuff. Places in Arizona (especially Sedona) are famous for droves of these new-age religious fanatics. It is not hard to see why they picked this place. Beautiful rocks and a vast expanse of land, plus a strong Indian (Red Indian) influence are factors why the new-age movement is in force here.
Renting a car and driving on the opposite side of the road was a new experience. I was in such a state of "bumbliness" I failed to adjust my side and rear-view mirrors before setting off. So there I was, dealing with staying on the RIGHT (both directional and correctional right (as in right/wrong)) side of the road and adjusting the complicated computerized controls of the rented car. I had obtained a complimentary upgrade and was zipping around in quite a luxurious automobile. I got the hang of it after a while. It's quite easy actually, if I do not stop to think too hard about it. Driving is instinctive.
Amongst the wonderful things I could do with the car was this: I took my driving test here in Arizona to obtain a local driving license. Having failed the theory test once, it was rather unsettling to have my driving skills judged. I failed the first theory test as the guy from the motor division told me over the phone that I did not have to take the test. He told me I needed just to get my butt down there and convert the international license I had. Learning the hard truth there and then, I decided to take the theory test, without having prepared for it. After all, how hard could reading a STOP sign be?
One can always be surprised. The stupid feet and inches thing really got to me. How many feet should a driver signal his lights before turning? I would like to blame all my errors on the different measuring system, after all, it had crashed the MARS PATHFINDER. I mean, if NASA couldn't do it, I guess I shouldn't be expected to. Of course, there were other questions like: how many days should you contact us upon change of address? Yup, that too screwed me over. Anyway, I passed my driving test, accumulating points for driving too SLOWLY. My picture on the license is a disgrace. If a Martian should land on earth tomorrow and asked for a picture of a human being, this should be the last one we give them. The super shiny forehead. The misaligned head. The half-smile. I could almost swear that the people behind the counter were thoroughly trained to make sure everything fell in place before they hit the capture button. Fell in the wrong place I mean. My driver's license is safely nestled behind my blockbuster membership card, which thank goodness, required no picture ID.
Tucson is beautiful. Being able to drive around we explored places like Skyline Drive. It was really a sight to behold. The lights of Tucson at our feet, the lights of a million stars above our heads. We just stood in awe. Well not exactly. We sat in the car with our heads looking upwards from the open car windows. El Correl's wonderful prime rib was accessible. MMMMmmmmmmMMMMmmmmm. We went up Mount Lemmon (almost all the way up) and Sabino Canyon. I'll post the pictures on my photo album soon. As soon as the cable guy comes over to set up the Internet.
Life without the Internet is TOUGH. Min (my sister) asked a question to which I still seek the answer: What were we doing before we had it? Beats me. All I know is that my virtual GM team has gone down the drain. It stings. I worked hard (ok not THAT hard) and almost got on the leaderboard. I was easily among the top 60 teams in the world. Now, unable to rotate my players, I sit helplessly and watch all entropy. Oh well. God's trying to tell me there's more to life.

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