A New Start With An End

It's the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Funny thing is, my sister and I did the same thing we did exactly one year ago. We sat in front of the television and watched the world as it celebrated the occasion in a thousand different ways. Time Square was again the center of attention, dropping a large ball made of crystal instead of the usual metal one. One of the resolutions I laid down for myself this new year was to update these journals daily. Even in this I have failed. While the journal you now read is dated January 1st, I am writing a good week later. These are the thoughts and feelings I had on January 1st, scribbled untidily on the notepad on my table.
Bobbi Olson passed away today. She was the wife of our basketball head coach Lute Olson. In Singapore this would have been a small matter, little nuggets that only trivia enthusiasts worry over. Here in Arizona it is a great loss. Lute is easily one of the most influential people in the state of Arizona, not in a bad sense. Thirty-five thousand hearts soar with every basketball game and are affected in some way or another. Lute and Bobbi apparently had the romance one read about in books. He, in a position as high as he is, was clearly incomplete without her. She was his complement in every way. I knew little of who she was, but the loss is shared by many.
Min (my sister) starts her orientation tomorrow. It seems almost surreal that I have family here with me, and sometimes we are blissfully unaware of how far away from home we both are. I only hope I'll be a brother worthy of a sister as she.

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