Country Music In Chicago

Came back from playing basketball tonight. Got into the car, turned to the good old country music radio station. Just like the old days. It was exactly like that when I was working in Chicago. Ruslan (my boss then) and I would end work late into the night, and we'd trudge totally drained into the car. The streets were grey with snow tainted by the many vehicles that had come before us. We drove past closed shops and their lit signboards as country music played from the car stereo. I'd look up at the stars and wonder what people at home were doing. It was a lonely time for me, and work occupied every single waking moment.
Tonight I came home with a gladness in my heart. I had someone to come home to. The sound of the television, any activity within the home was a welcome thing. Though I'd probably be too inhibited to tell her face to face, I'm very thankful for Min's presence here in Tucson. I still mope along with the country music, but I come home to the sound of friends, ER, or whichever sitcom is playing tonight.

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