Min and I have spent a good part of our time watching movies and videos. She's not one for strenuous adventure, but I hope that somewhere down the road I'll make a convert out of her. Tucson has great hiking trails and scenery. I couldn't help but notice a trend in the movies being produced.
In recent times we've had American Pie, Road Trip, Loser and a number of many other movies revolving around college life. The funny thing is, all these movies are comedies, and aim to poke fun at the college experience. The general stereotype is that college students have sex on a constant basis. Sex is present with more frequency than the act of breathing. Jokes are made about it, and I wouldn't be exaggerating when I say that these movies make it their theme plot. Have we degraded ourselves this far? Is it only American culture where love and sex are treated flippantly? Do people still dream dreams, and hold hopes?
To you dear reader, have you forgotten your first love? Emily Bronte wrote "Shall Earth no longer inspire thee, O lonely dreamer now?" Continue to hope, to stand in awe. And as the song Stephanie introduced to me went: (I paraphrase) if you're caught between the choice of sitting down and dancing, dance.

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