Higher Hands

Uncle Tubby passed away today. Though he was Faith's uncle and no relation of mine, I knew him well. I remember the dinners we had at his place, where he'd crack jokes ranging anywhere from the food on the table to Kuku (his sister) and their childhood with Uncle Eddy. In the later stage of his cancer he was still joking irreverently about the tubes that stuck out of him, and in his own way shielded us from the pain he was going through. I also remember the many times he gave me advice regarding the career path to choose. His son Melvin was in Australia studying and for that moment I felt like he was speaking to me as he would have his own son. I regret not being there in his last days but I know that God has His plans for everything. My heart goes out to the family, even more so when I heard that Melvin was taking it hard. He, like his father, has always been the one with the timely (some of the time) and untimely (most of the time) jokes. I guess it was time for Uncle Tubby to go. We leave him in Your hands, for Your hands are gentler and kinder than ours.

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