Only Three Words

A friend of mine told me about his relationship with a certain girlfriend of his today. He muttered THE three words to her. It was not planned nor expected. The circumstances are not as conducive for a relationship as he would have liked. Oceans separate them. He did not mutter those words with any ulterior motive or false pretense. To the best of my knowledge (and his), he wants to mean it to the fullest extent of honesty.
I no longer remember the first time I whispered "I love you" to Faith. It seems so long ago. Even now as I'm typing this journal an ICQ message appears, and I type "I love you" once again to the person on the other side. She too, is miles and miles away (the Americans have not figured out how kilometers work yet). I'm as clueless as the day I was nine and had a crush on her. But the one thing I do know is that love never fails.
I do not say this out of pride, for I know for sure that I fail. But God has seen us over so many years, so many obstacles, that I can truly say that I place my trust in Him. It does not guarantee that I'll end up marrying Faith, much as I want to, but I know that if I place everything in His hands, He will make beauty out of what isn't. The nonsensical phrases Faith and I share, the laughter, I'm thankful for them all.

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