Min had her first taste of walking in the rain today. It was nice to have someone to ford the streams with. It wasn't even a huge pour, probably a weak 6 out of 10. With the construction in campus it was hard not to get our feet wet. We finally got around to doing her Catcard, the student ID for students at the University of Arizona. She has been trying to delay this for the longest time, afraid that she'd look like a hag or something equally ugly on the card. To be honest, the picture turned out wonderfully.
We watched Billy Elliot with wet shoes. It is a heartfelt story of a boy who had the passion to learn ballet, but was squashed by his father who thought of it as a sissy activity. Eventually his father has a chance to see how talented his son really was, and pawned his deceased wife's jewellery and went back to work in the mines despite an ongoing labour strike. He wanted so much to give his son that chance to find out if he were good enough to be admitted into the Royal School of Ballet. Again I am reminded of how much a parent loves his or her child. It is an instinct that drives the parent to forsake so much. I only hope I will have the same amount of love when I have my own children.

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