Run In Such A Way That You May Win

Stephanie is leaving today. In the midst of everything else I forgot to mention that she arrived Thursday night. We've spent a whale of a time, going to El Corral for dinner, Baggin's for lunch, shopping at the mall etc. Many a time I was tired from the things that have passed and Min's orientation, and less than tolerant of the increased load placed upon me. I should have been better company. I'm sorry Steph if I've spoilt your vacation in any way.
We attended Bobbi Olson's memorial service today and it was amazing how many people were touched by this one lady. The one common denominator was not how she died, but how she lived that made the difference. I was reminded to live a life that was beneficial to others. To sum up what many people said, the game of basketball has its winners and losers, but in the game of life everyone has a chance to win. If you live your life that another may breathe easier, if you live your life and bring a smile on a child's face, you have won. You would have succeeded. We have so much to learn.

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