Stories Of The Real World

For one of my modules I have an Ethics course in Journalism. Having disagreed with the Wildcat (the school daily) on so many numerous occasions, I thought I might as well get some academic credit for it.
Yesterday's lecture was insightful. Dr. Sharkey, who constantly reminds us that she doesn't teach in a strictly academic sense but brings the real world in with her, brought up some issues that were pertinent to the course. The question of the day was : Does one's right as a human being override the right of being a journalist? A few of the events in question were: should a journalist be first on the scene of an accident help victims where capable to do so, or cover the story as the job description fit? It was rather frightening to see that a large proportion of the student journalists were intent on looking upon their chosen profession as a different species of human being. The story mattered, period. Of course the dilemma arose when someone changed the scenario to the journalist arriving at the scene to find their own loved ones in the accident. There the rules changed.
Despite the increase in education, have we learnt to be heartless? Have we lost our humanity and gained an almost mechanical efficiency to perform our societal function in place of it? Do we hit the books to make us more adept at rationalising away our intrinsic good and justify our equally innate selfishness? The books do not teach us the Superman vs Lex Luthor battle that we have to face within us many a day. Thankfully, Dr. Sharkey drags in the real world and hits us upside on the head with it.

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