When Universes Collide

I found myself thinking of the events that happened over last semester as I walked down the corridors of the Modern Languages building. I stood at the exact spot. The very place.
I stood here last semester when my English tutor Joseph Wood asked me a question that till today still piques me. "Are you well?" he asked. Back then I had immediately related it to how I was taking to his class. I replied then, "oh, I'm doing ok, the readings are fine….yadda yadda." Then he explained himself a little more clearly, "Are you fine, as in how are you doing?" It was a question people around this region ask for the sake of asking, evidenced by the "How do you do?" salutations one received upon meeting another. It was a question that required no answer. Yet this time Joseph stood there, truly expecting a reply. How often do we pass people by, never delving deeper than the superficial functions we serve. How often we fail to realise the immensity of a human life before our very eyes. Whenever I look upon human eyes, even those in pictures, I see there a whole universe behind those eyes. How broad, how high, how deep and how immense (I use this for other dimensions I so utterly wish to express but have not the words) that universe! All contained within a single entity. How great then is the Creator, and how vast.
Thank you once again Joseph, for asking. It was then
two universes met
we stood there
in our place
in our time.
Side by side we
We marveled.

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