Lord Prepare Me

Eric left for Melbourne this morning to do his master's degree in speech therapy. I heard from Faith and then from Matthew that he left like a "movie star", to quote Matthew's exact words. While I'm glad that he had friends and family around for his departure, I must admit that I couldn't help but feel a little jealous that I was no recipient of such attention. Sigh. There are so many times I wish I could stop my jealous self. It doesn't attack directly like anger or lust, but from the side – slowly first, then overwhelmingly strong. Eric is a brother I love dearly, and I miss him so much more knowing that he won't be around when I head home this summer.
There's been a shortage of males serving in Changi Christian Assembly ever since John and Chin Keong's generation moved into the marriage stage. The few that stayed behind from our generation took over the responsibilities. Most of them fell mainly on Eric, Eddie and myself. I know that I haven't been as useful as Eric and Eddie, as I often take a rather passive approach when it comes to ministry. I am thankful that Eric and Eddie have always been there to shoulder the weight of the administrative tasks, and their talents have certainly come in at a time we needed them most. I am not musically inclined like Eric, or half as bilingual as Eddie, and there are times where I feel more like a hindrance than a help. But I know that if my heart is devoted to God and Him alone, He will use me wherever pleases Him.
To the young ones in Changi, I read of your growth in the Lord and am thankful for the many ways He has blessed us through you. I now minister unto you in the role I have often been given – the bringer of "bad news". Many things will distract you from the Way and attempt to pull at you in all directions. The earth shall be shaken and all those who do not have their foundations in Christ will be swept away. Pray continuously for each other, that we may prove to be pleasing unto Him till the final day. God bless you all.

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