Run, Just Run

I went to a resume critique session today to have my resume erm….critiqued. For those of you who've read my previous entry will know that God put it in my heart to include the words "To God be the glory" in a small font at the footer of my resume. I confess that there were moments I was afraid that people would actually see the words. My courage grew when my undergraduate advisor didn't comment on them, mainly because she didn't see them.
The reviewer at the critique session, however, did. She told me that she didn't mean to offend me, but that she was afraid that the words might offend the people who would interview me. It's a lengthy process getting into the MIS major. When I saw that she noticed the small print, I was flustered but thanks to God, I had enough composure to tell her that I felt those words had to be there. I told her that should I be denied due to those words, maybe it was for the better.
Dear friend, I will tell you that even now I am still afraid. I am afraid of not getting into the major. I am afraid of being interrogated. I am afraid of losing my self-esteem. I even contemplate taking the words off and playing it safe. Much as I pride myself in being a non-conformist, I find myself under the burden of societal expectations. Yet a still small voice inside me reminds me to remember who I am. And that who I am is solely because of what God has done for me. We often read about the trials and tribulations that befall Christians the world over, never for a moment thinking of putting ourselves in their shoes. This is my tithe. This is my offering. This is who I am. I am nothing without Christ.
Do pray for me. That I may hold on firmly to my identity in Him. My strength is so frail and weak, but there is so much abundance in Him. I am urged to remind you that we are all new creations in Christ. And He calls to us all to rise above, as is the nature of the new creation, to soar on wings as eagles. To run and not be weary. To walk and not faint. He comforts me, and commands me not to be afraid, for in Christ our transformation is complete. We are made to fly. In His strength.
God help us all.

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