When You Wish Upon A Star

I had the most funny dream last night. I dreamt that a meteor hit earth, and all it made was a huge crater. I was standing in the crater with another person I can't now recall. I was trying so hard to climb out of the crater because the sides were concave, and the top of the side required me to hang by my hands alone. I climbed up till that point, and I remember being afraid of going beyond this point, for I risked a very nasty fall. I hung on for my life and made it near the top, where a helpful hand saved me from falling right back into the crater. It was then I woke.
The meaning of the dream was not apparent to me till I chatted with Faith over ICQ. I had spent the better part of last night drafting out my resume. It was a requirement as I had to be interviewed before I could continue unto the more advanced stages of my degree in Management Information Systems. As I filled in the spaces kindly provided by Microsoft's resume template, the ambition within me grew, and I had quickly forgotten to be thankful to God who had given me everything. While chatting with Faith I told her that God reminded me not to place my life as a shooting star only to hit earth, and spend the rest of my days climbing out of the crater my ambition had created. An amazing revelation, and ever so timely. On the bottom right of my resume, I place the words "To God be the glory" in small letters. For I owe everything to Him.

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