High on Attention

Chun Lang (my Taiwanese Roommate) moved out today. I helped him move his luggage to Arizona-Sonora, another dorm on campus. It's a much newer building, and has two beach volleyball courts in front of it. It also towers 9 floors up, providing a good view of the surroundings. Chun Lang go the whole room to himself. It's a three-man room, so he's got plenty of space. What's more, is that he pays less to stay there, than to share my room. He called me on the phone a moment ago, just to tell me he bought a new telephone for his room. I guess we will stay in touch.
I have a presentation today for English class. I presented my paper on competition. It has been quite a long time since I had a proper presentation. The last time would be a good three years ago, before the army. It's funny how I still get the jitters, regardless of the size of the audience. I managed to calm my nerves, and got through without too much difficulty. The comments I got on my presentation were very encouraging. Angela said that she was inspired by what I said, and I do believe strongly in what I presented. It was nice to be able to reach out through a speech again. Public speaking is an addictive high. It's not that I was making a good impression, but to see people being persuaded to what you strongly believe in is a great feeling. It was like you could see the minds behind the eyes woken up, and the mood cumulate to a strong agreement. I felt like Enjolras in Les Miserables, spurring people on to battle the wrongs that we find in society. The euphoria of the moment. Wow.
The silence in the room is deafening. I think I'll head downstairs for some healthy human interaction.

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