A Bespecktacled Beam

The whole China-US debacle over the spy plane that landed really caused quite a large commotion here. While Israel and Palestine are duking it out with mortar shells and bus bombings, they only occupy the small columns in newspapers. The 24 hour coverage goes to the US-China Standoff or Showdown, depending on which television network you prefer. I have gotten rather riled over this incident and have written to the school newspaper about it, sent emails to FoxNews about their insensitive and (to be honest) stupid remarks over the incident.
It seems the United States of America can do no wrong. You have television show hosts who think they are the leading authority on aviation accidents who assure their audience that the accident was totally China's fault. Their "military intelligence" seemed to give them the edge over everybody else's opinion. Even when the U.S. administration sent a letter to China stating that the whole picture was yet unknown, these television personalities took it upon themselves to bombard the Chinese, even to the point of uttering things like "how stupid do these Chinese think we are?"
Frankly, I think they're plenty stupid. It is so easy to raise the flag of patriotism and condemn the views and government of other nations. They bring reverends on television who condemn China's "barbaric" practice of forced abortion. It has gotten to a point where I feel outraged at their arrogance and ignorance. Tianammen Square is often brought out as an incident that forever mars China's government, and has become a bargaining chip of sorts. I can't help but remember the fact that this "great nation" (as they like to call it) was built on the property of the native Americans, and paid for by their blood. What apology did the native Americans get from this "great nation"? The introduction of alcohol, something that destroyed the once proud people.
I am not writing this to condemn anyone, nor to say that one is better than the other. "Why do you condemn the speck in your brother's eye and not see the beam in your own eye?" America needs to learn that they cannot push their weight around without remembering their own mistakes. Maybe only then will forgiveness be a trait of this country. Until then, "this great nation" is only a title they bestow upon themselves.
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