And A Little Child

Just came back from El Corral – arguably the best place for prime ribs here in Tucson. Of course Stephanie who introduced me to the place would say it's not even close to arguable. We (my sister and I) sat beside this table that had two adults, a large teenager and a small boy. In classic Singaporean style we sat there and eavsdropped while we chewed on the dead cow that lay before us. It was interesting to note the difference between things children talk about, and things adults talk about.
It is far too often we deride the things that children say. We often think of them as childish and hardly of any importance. As I make my entrance into the rest of my life, I envision adult-to-adult talks of the stock market, the job – usually how we're mistreated and overworked, and little else. The things that concern our lives no longer dwell on the simple, natural pleasures of life. We delve deep into the man-made world of economy and engage in little power struggles of our own as we strive to establish our own position in society. Who's childish now? The light that once graced our faces begin to flicker and die.
I only hope that I learn to listen to children and the things they have to say. I hope that in the some way I may be inspired by their newness of life. May we never look down upon them and think of their world as unimportant and trivial. We have so much to learn.
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