Circle The Appropriate Answer

What is in a face? I lay on my sister's bed looking right into the face of her piglet doll. Yup, the one from Winnie the Pooh. Despite having read accurate descriptions of Piglet as a snivelling little chump who can't stop complaining ("I am tired / cold / hungry …."), I couldn't help smiling when I saw the doll looking back at me. It is merely a conglomeration of shapes and colours, isn't it? Yet I lay there like an idiot smiling at an inanimate object who probably had nothing on his/her mind except how tired / cold / hungry he/she was. It's amazing what the human mind is programmed to do, and we haven't even scratched the surface of it.
Eddie sent a mass email which was most wonderful. He spoke about what was in his heart, after the duration of his illness. In so many ways he has drawn many of us closer together, praying for him, and praying for ourselves. I began to see how precious the brothers and sisters I had in Christ were. They weren't merely Sunday School teachers or musicians or songleaders. They were the very ones we'd spend eternity with. Their lives impact us in a profound way that transcends the formality of pure function. Eddie is more than just the person who translates my bad english into Chinese when I songlead. Erick is more than just the musician who provides the musical accompaniment. Minli is more than just the person who handles the books in the church library. To the many unnamed, you are more than what you do. In likewise manner, Faith is more than the girl who loves me with all my flaws. God is sovereign over all, and only when we see that do we know our place with regards to each other. For we being many, are one body in Christ.
Thank you Eddie, for choosing to strengthen all of us, and showing us that God wants us to do more than complain about how tired / cold / hungry we are.
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