Generation to Generation

There's a certain calm in coming back to your own little den, to its serene silence. Being the only sound within its walls. The flick of the finger turns on the television, the sound of singing (no matter how unpleasant) carries past the hall. The things are exactly where I left them – messily if I didn't tidy up, organised, if I did. It feels nice to be responsible for myself, what I eat, where I go, when I do my work and when I play my computer games. It is also important to me that I remember my parents who made this possible. It is through their hard work that I have this opportunity to come to a foreign land and be exposed to new things. I wonder if they wonder what it is I see, hear and learn in this place. If anything at all, I'd like to assure them this – I remember their kindness, and I learnt to be grateful to God for their love.
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