Laying Things Down

It is Thursday night and a huge load has been lifted off my shoulders. I had my journalism and music test today. Now all that remains for this week is my Mathematics presentation tomorrow morning. I bought a grey shirt and a dark grey tie for the presentation. Having only one white shirt simply will not do.
Celebrating my release from these burdens, I went to the basketball courts and had a great game. Now I sit here, physically exhausted, but content. I just need to psyche myself into doing my mathematics written report tonight.
Mum called yesterday telling me that an invitation to join a fraternity had been sent to my home in Singapore. For so long I have thought of fraternities as a party place where people get drunk. Trust me, I'm not all that wrong on many accounts. It is nice to be invited to an exclusive club where membership is by invitation only, yet the fact that I missed the deadline seems to be something God wants to tell me. I've always envisioned having a wall in my own home where I'd frame up the certificates I've garnered over these past few years. Though it's no major accomplishment by any stretch of the imagination, it scares me to see how tightly I hold on to these little tokens of recognition. Yet on this wall I will hang no such frame. In the middle of the wall I'd want a small something that reads "I count all this but loss for Christ who died for me." This is what I want my life to be. Not a collection of achievements or the praise of men. I want people to see that God lives in me.
It is hard and I know that my fingers still tightly hold on to the little I have, but I pray that God gives me strength to lay them aside and focus on what is truly important, and what truly lasts. To you who read this, pray for me. That I may learn to be continually thankful for the many blessings bestowed on me, and that I may never forsake the true calling to be transformed into the likeness of the Son.
<strong>Things We Leave Behind</strong>
There sits Simon so foolishly wise
proudly he's tending his nets.
Then Jesus calls and the boats drift away
and all that he owns he forgets.
But more than the nets he abandoned that day
he found that his pride was soon drifting away
and it's hard to imagine the freedom we find
from the things we leave behind.
Matthew was mindful of taking the tax
and pressing the people to pay
but hearing the call he responded in faith
and followed the Light and the Way.
And leaving the people so puzzled he found
the greed in his heart was no longer around
and it's hard to imagine the freedom we find
from the things we leave behind.
Michael Card
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