Screwing Up And Nailing It

Just came back from my five hour stint with Habitat. Time passed really slowly today and I found myself checking my watch more than I would have liked. I learnt something about myself today. The past weeks were spent digging trenches for the foundation of the walls to be set in. It was fun in a rather tiring way. Time flew by as dirt and more dirt moved from place to place. Today's task? Sorting out screws and nails. I almost fell on the ground and died. It required tenacity of a different kind. When I was shovelling dirt, carrying concrete slabs or cinder blocks, it felt so good breaking a sweat and testing the limits of my body. When I fiddle with the layout of my homepage, I am compelled to sit here as long as it takes to get it up and running. That kind of tenacity I had. Sorting out screws and nails, that I didn't have. I guess I don't have the knack for adminstrative details or just plain repetitive tediousness. I know I should develop at least a level of tolerance, as it is a skill needed in many aspects of life that aren't as creative or appealing. Oh well. I'll work on it. But give me the wheelbarrow and pickaxe anytime and I'll pass you a bottle of screws. You go sort them out. At least I know I won't screw up.
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