I forgot to write about this. Almost a week ago I almost got into a fight at the ball courts. Our team was made up of four guys and a girl. Despite all efforts to accomodate feminist beliefs, one could rightly say we had a matchup problem. While the girl could dribble the ball and shoot as well as anyone, defensively she was a liability. She was assigned defensively to a short muscular African-American who seemed to be more content running off his mouth than his feet. I must admit she tried her darndest to stay on him. Being the egotistical being that he is (I obtained real live footage just by hearing his non-stop commentary on court), he wanted his teammates to pass him the ball so he could go one-on-one with the girl. Not being as offensively gifted as say <a href="">Michael Jordan</a>, he had problems getting the ball into the hoop. Needless to say, the ego didn't quite agree with what the body was doing. He began elbowing the girl and shoving her. Mind you, this was a tiny girl we're talking about. Not anything like <a href="">Lisa Leslie</a> or <a href="">Venus Williams</a>.
Somehow something inside me snapped when I saw him doing that. The poor girl was shoved totally out of the court, holding her head. I ran straight at him and bumped him, stared straight at him and explained to him not-so-nicely that it was a girl he was going up against. God knows what I would have done had he really fought back (he <strong>is</strong> bigger than me) but by the time he could get his senses together I had the whole team, and his whole team behind me. Ironically enough, that particular game ended with the girl hitting the winning jumpshot, and the guy asking "what? it's over?" I know that if I meet the guy again I'll walk up and apologise for my outburst, but at least my stand was made clear.
What is it about women that make us men so protective towards them? Is it their vulnerability? Watching Notting Hill with Min last night, the question within the show was "what's the deal with breasts? Every other person in the world has a pair. Hugh Grant's reply: Actually, it's more than that. Meatloaf (male song legend at the time the movie was made) has a very nice pair." The deeper question, why do women drive us so? If their curves were the main motivating factor behind our attraction, it might explain why I like basketball. But it's more than that. The smile, the hair, the voice. That and a couple of million other combinations make them touch us in a way nothing else can. I don't know if the mystery is quite as profound for women. If you're one and would like to offer your view, email me, or drop a message in my guestbook. Either way, I'll try to follow up on this investigation.
Meanwhile, erm…..Faith dearest…you do <strong>know</strong> that my heart is still very much with you right?
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