Step Into Geekdom

After many hours of struggling with the blogger templates and a small javascript, I finally managed to construct a fairly attractive template for this page. It does look much, but at least it's tidy and displays well on different resolutions. I've never thought of myself as someone who'd ever sit in a closet, programming to the wee hours of the morning. But even as I was sleep deprived for two whole days already, I found it hard to sleep without thinking of finishing this battle between my computer and the server this page resides on. I hope that as you access this page there are a minimum number of glitches. I do know of some, and I hope to remedy them, though the blogger way of archiving is not exactly the smartest. So sitting here, many hours later, I can proclaim to you that I have entered Geekdom. Do I hear chortles of laughter?
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