Tears of Joy

The tests are over. The mathematics presentation is over. It's one of those times you sit and thank God you're still alive. After the two tests on Thursday I had thought mathematics presentation was going to be a breeze. Work had be delegated to all three members of the group, and the other two would email me their parts and I would consolidate them with mine. It turned out to be so much more work than anticipated. I'm just glad it's all over. It truly is a blessing to be able to just sit back and enjoy the weekend.
I received news that Uncle PK passed away two days ago. We knew he was suffering from cancer but never really kept ourselves updated with his condition. He's one of the church elders. He was a 75 year old man who didn't look a day past 50. I remember as a young teenager playing tennis with him. Oh he was the one playing tennis and I was the one trying to. I remember talking to my cousin Matthew about the sound tennis balls make when you hit them right. Add an O to Uncle PK's intials and you'd have POK, the sound those tennis balls make. As you can tell, our sense of humour was still underdeveloped back then.
It is harder to fully appreciate the fact that he is no longer physically with us now that I'm so far away from home. It is hard to imagine not seeing him at church camp this year. Faith and I have always envisioned him marrying the two of us. He's married so many couples over these years. Faith and I recall the many times he'd come to us after a wedding service and smile saying "hope you guys took notes".
Why do I feel such a loss? Is it because I may no longer see his smile or hear his voice? The poem I wrote so many years ago still seems to voice my thoughts most eloquently.
<strong>In Memory</strong>
Of things past and gone
Tears of joy
whimpers of sad
Things that never
of much importance seem
People that never
whole atmospheres change
begin to take value.
It's true they say
man will never learn to cherish
an event happening
a memory in making
but will live to regret
will regret to live
an event over,
a memory made.
For all the smiles, the cheer and laughter you brought into our lives. For all the godliness and love you shown. Thank you Uncle PK. I only wish I had appreciated and cherished them more.
Till we meet again.
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