A Shade of Red

It's "dead" day today. While most people have study weeks that allow them a whole week to prepare for the exams, we have "dead day", a single day. Instead of moping over the lack of time we had, Min and I decided to go do some grocery shopping. Living on pizza simply wouldn't do.
While stocking up the cabinets, we discovered a piece of ginger sitting unobtrusively in the corner. This was a piece of ginger that Faith bought with us back in December. Only now it was hardly ginger as we knew it. It had shoots and was starting to grow leaves. Heck, leave it alone for awhile more and we probably had ourselves little baby gingers. Sadly, ginger the plant had to make way for new groceries. It was also due to the fact that we were afraid of it mutating into some venus flytrap hybrid. So another piece of Faith's presence goes into the trash.
Erm, Faith dearest, the ginger snaps you bought still sits there.
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