Clean Hands or Dirty Hands

Uncle Mun Fai's father passed away on the same day as Uncle PK. It was sudden and unexpected. He passed away due to some asthmatic problem. Though I've never really known him well, I remember the first time he came to Changi Christian Assembly. He looked the splitting image of Uncle Mun Fai. He always carried a very quiet demeanour about him. It was a pity I never got to know him just because I didn't speak Cantonese.
Uncle Eddy mentioned some interesting facts about the two deaths on the same day. One was an educated man, the other a simple one. Yet both came to God by faith in Jesus Christ and found salvation. It reminds me of how temporal human achievements can be. The things that last live in the lives and memories of those who yet live, and a life lived serving others sows such this crop. Whether we are called into positions of leadership to do "great" things, or into the small activities of everyday life, we ought to exhibit the faithfulness worthy of our calling. There are no great or lesser things in God's eyes. For if one sinner repents, the entire heaven rejoices. The party doesn't get larger than that.
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